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CCSB Research

In the interactive environment at CCSB all research projects are highly collaborative and people readily intermingle from one line of research to another. Currently research at CCSB can be roughly organized into the interdependent projects below. Research direction is provided and supervised by the CCSB Directors and Management Team. Affiliated CCSB Core Members widen the core mission of CCSB with their diverse expertise in related aspects of systems biology.

Network Biology
Network Biology studies how network properties relate to biology and disease using diverse experimental and theoretical approaches. These ongoing  investigations are centered around a second phase Center of Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) initiative on Genomic Analysis of Network Perturbations in Human Disease. (CEGS-II website)
Interactome projects use and develop high-throughput technologies to map binary protein-protein interaction networks of H. sapiens and model organisms. (Interactome databases)
The ORFeome projects aim to experimentally define open reading frames (ORFs) and splice isoforms for H. sapiens and model organisms by isolating and cloning them. (ORFeome databases)
Pathogen Host Interactomes
'Virhostome' efforts investigate how pathogen proteins interact with host proteins to perturb host interactomes. This project was funded by a first phase Center of Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) grant on Genomic Analysis of Network Perturbations in Human Disease. (CEGS-I website)
The Bioinformatics team provides informatics support for all CCSB projects and maintains the cyberinfrastructure.


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