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2013 Publications 

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 Variome-Virome Nag A, Savova V, Fung HL, Miron A, Yuan GC, Zhang K, Gimelbrant AA.
Chromatin signature of widespread monoallelic expression.
eLife 2013; 2:e01256.
 Variome-Virome Morchikh M, Naughtin M, Di Nunzio F, Xavier J, Charneau P, Jacob Y, Lavigne M.
TOX4 and NOVA1 proteins are partners of the LEDGF PWWP domain and affect HIV-1 replication.
PLoS ONE 2013; 8:e81217.
 Variome-Virome Sahni N, Yi S, Zhong Q, Jailkhani N, Charloteaux B, Cusick ME, Vidal M.
Edgotype: a fundamental link between genotype and phenotype.
Curr Opin Genet Dev 2013; 23:649–57.
 Variome-Virome Savova V, Vigneau S, Gimelbrant AA.
Autosomal monoallelic expression: genetics of epigenetic diversity?
Curr Opin Genet Dev 2013; 23:642–8
 Variome-Virome Sunyaev SR, Roth FP.
Systems biology and the analysis of genetic variation.
Curr Opin Genet Dev 2013; 23:599-601.
 Variome-Virome Lambert JP, Ivosev G, Couzens AL, Larsen B, Taipale M, Lin ZY, Zhong Q, Lindquist S, Vidal M, Aebersold R, Pawson T, Bonner R, Tate S, Gingras AC.
Mapping differential interactomes by affinity purification coupled with data-independent mass spectrometry acquisition.
Nat Methods 2013; 10:1239-45.
 Variome-Virome Sharma A, Gulbahce N, Pevzner SJ, Menche J, Ladenvall C, Folkersen L, Eriksson P, Orho-Melander M, Barabási AL.
Network based analysis of genome wide association data provides novel candidate genes for lipid and lipoprotein traits.
Mol Cell Proteomics 2013; 12:3398-408.
 Variome-Virome Mehra A, Zahra A, Thompson V, Sirisaengtaksin N, Wells A, Porto M, Köster S, Penberthy K, Kubota Y, Dricot A, Rogan D, Vidal M, Hill DE, Bean AJ, Philips JA.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis type VII secreted effector EsxH targets host ESCRT to impair trafficking.
PLoS Pathog 2013; 9:e1003734.
 Variome-Virome Ghoshal G, Chi L, Barabási AL.
Uncovering the role of elementary processes in network evolution.
Sci Rep 2013; 3:2920.
 Variome-Virome Wang D, Song C, Barabási AL.
Quantifying long-term scientific impact.
Science 2013; 342:127-32.
 Variome-Virome Munier S, Rolland T, Diot C, Jacob Y, Naffakh N.
Exploration of binary virus-host interactions using an infectious protein complementation assay.
Mol Cell Proteomics 2013; 12:2845-55.
 Variome-Virome Barzel B, Barabási AL.
Universality in network dynamics.
Nat Physics 2013; 9:673-81.
 Variome-Virome Zhao JH, Zhou HJ, Liu YY.
Inducing effect on the percolation transition in complex networks.
Nat Commun 2013; 4:2412.
 Variome-Virome Barzel B, Barabási AL.
Network link prediction by global silencing of indirect correlations.
Nat Biotechnol 2013; 31:720-5.
 Variome-Virome Jia T, Barabási AL.
Control capacity and a random sampling method in exploring controllability of complex networks.
Sci Rep 2013; 3:2354.
 Variome-Virome Reece-Hoyes JS, Pons C, Diallo A, Mori A, Shrestha S, Kadreppa S, Nelson J, Diprima S, Dricot A, Lajoie BR, Ribeiro PS, Weirauch MT, Hill DE, Hughes TR, Myers CL, Walhout AJ.
Extensive rewiring and complex evolutionary dynamics in a C. elegans multiparameter transcription factor network.
Mol Cell 2013; 51:116-27.
 Variome-Virome Jia T, Liu YY, Csóka E, Pósfai M, Slotine JJ, Barabási AL.
Emergence of bimodality in controlling complex networks.
Nat Commun 2013; 4:2002.
 Variome-Virome Das J, Vo TV, Wei X, Mellor JC, Tong V, Degatano AG, Wang X, Wang L, Cordero NA, Kruer-Zerhusen N, Matsuyama A, Pleiss JA, Lipkin SM, Yoshida M, Roth FP, Yu H.
Cross-species protein interactome mapping reveals species-specific wiring of stress response pathways.
Sci Signal 2013; 6:ra38.
 Variome-Virome Xin X, Gfeller D, Cheng J, Tonikian R, Sun L, Guo A, Lopez L, Pavlenco A, Akintobi A, Zhang Y, Rual JF, Currell B, Seshagiri S, Hao T, Yang X, Shen YA, Salehi-Ashtiani K, Li J, Cheng AT, Bouamalay D, Lugari A, Hill DE, Grimes ML, Drubin DG, Grant BD, Vidal M, Boone C, Sidhu SS, Bader GD.
SH3 interactome conserves general function over specific form.
Mol Syst Biol 2013; 9:652.
 Variome-Virome Pak TR, Roth FP.
ChromoZoom: a flexible, fluid, web-based genome browser.
Bioinformatics 2013; 29:384-6.
 Variome-Virome Liu YY, Slotine JJ, Barabási AL.
Observability of complex systems.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013; 110:2460-5.
 Variome-Virome Duarte M, Wang L, Calderwood MA, Adelmant G, Ohashi M, Roecklein-Canfield J, Marto JA, Hill DE, Deng H, Johannsen E.
An RS motif within the Epstein-Barr virus BLRF2 tegument protein is phosphorylated by SRPK2 and is important for viral replication.
PLoS ONE 2013; 8:e53512.
 Variome-Virome Pósfai M, Liu YY, Slotine JJ, Barabási AL.
Effect of correlations on network controllability.
Sci Rep 2013; 3:1067.




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