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CCSB 10th Anniversary, June 12, 2014

Jimmy Fund Auditorium, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Groups Groups Groups
8:45 AM: Welcome 


Ed Benz (President, DFCI)



9:00 AM: Network quantitative modeling

Michael Lee (CCSB & UMass Medical School)


Michael Yaffe (MIT) - Dynamic network re-wiring as a mechanism for improving combination therapy for cancer


Suzanne Gaudet (CCSB, DFCI & Harvard Medical School - Measuring single-cell signaling dynamics to reveal network features


James Collins (Boston Univ) - Bacteria vs cancer cells: infecting the CCSB



11:00 AM: Transcriptional networks

Sasha Gimelbrant (CCSB, DFCI & HMS) 

  Wade Harper (HMS) - Measuring human interactomes

Stuart Orkin (DFCI & HMS) - Genetic and epigenetic control of hematopoietic cell transcription


Job Dekker (CCSB & UMass Med School) - Chromatin interaction networks in gene regulation and chromosome folding


John Stamatoyannopoulos (Univ Washington) - Human regulatory networks: From cis to trans and back again



2:00 PM: Interactome networks and human disease
Chair: Fritz Roth (CCSB & Univ Toronto)


Andrea Califano (Columbia Univ) - Systems biology: from elucidating biological mechanisms to developing patient-centric therapies


László Barabási (CCSB & Northeastern Univ) - Network medicine: diseases and the interactome


Jackie Han (Chinese Academy of Sciences) - Systems biology of aging and cancer



4:00 PM: Cancer networks

Brandon Xia (CCSB & McGill Univ)


Marian Walhout (CCSB & UMass Med School) - Interspecies systems biology


Norbert Perrimon (HMS) - Proteomic and functional analyses of Drosophila signaling pathways


Garry Nolan (Stanford Univ) - Single-cell, tissue-organized, systems-structured views of immunity and cancer



5:45 PM: Keynote Address


Marc Vidal (CCSB, DFCI & HMS)


Lee Hood (Institute for Systems Biology) - Systems medicine, transformational technologies and strategies, and proactive P4 medicine: A transformation in healthcare



7:00 PM: Reception in Yawkey Center Pavilion


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